I do love Twitter. It’s such a wonderful platform which allows us to chat to who ever we want, when we want and under the influence or not *. I could send a message to Lake Bell – for instance –  and tell her that I think she is simply incredible. Whether she or her PA reads it and responds (or doesn’t) is of no consequence. I could also send a message to Justin Bieber and call him a twat, wanker bad person and the chances are good – although slim – that he’ll read my heartfelt message. This brings me swiftly to the point. With all the abuse that celebrities receive on Twitter, isn’t it wonderful that a guy like Jimmy Kimmel makes the effort to get said celebrities to read the mean things people say about them on Twitter? Whilst some tweets can be quite funny, others are really mean and yet funny when read by the celebrities themselves. What a guy, ol’ Jim-Jim! What a guy!

As the title suggests, this is the seventh video which Jimmy has posted. Check out the first four – and a special edition clip – (here) and the latest below.

You stay classy,


* at no point do I condone drunk tweeting. In fact I’d suggest that you never – ever – do this


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