I had my doubts about Godzilla and whether it would be any good and my feelings were somewhat justified after a horrific 1998 Matthew Broderick remake. That movie was so shite that any effort thereafter to resurrect the franchise would not have been in vain and I have to admit that after viewing the film last night, I wasn’t disappointed. Whilst the film will never win an Oscar for its acting or plot, it is from start to finish a visual experience must! This is modern-day cinema at its best. Insane special effects, total carnage, explosions, loud noises – of the monster roaring type – and some massive kick-ass creatures reaching havoc on all before them made this movie an incredible 3-D ride of enjoyment. Godzilla is one bad-ass lizard and you should catch this one on the big screen with some 3-D shades on.

You stay classy,



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