There is something hilarious to me about someone dressed up like a squirrel or some sort of cougar-cat acting the fool and performing flick-flacks and kart-wheels. I guess it has to do with the fact that in that moment, when watching the bear mascot – for instance – doing his thing, I imagine that it actually is a real live bear. A bear who’s dressed in PT shorts, a wife beater – with the number 6 emblazoned on the front – and a sweat-band around is head preparing to ride his roller blades down the slope, across the basketball court, up the ramp and slam-dunk the ball in the hoop on the far end of the court. This is at least what he’s telling me he is planning to do. I know – and hope – that he won’t make it. Holy shit that’s a talking bear! What kills me and has been for the last five minutes is seeing said bear/cougar-cat/squirrel wiping out. Fuck I love it.

You stay classy,



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