It seems like a simple enough concept yet when you look around you’ll notice that a majority of men are wearing shirts which are not the correct size. An oversized shirt does not look professional and gives the impression that either you just don’t care or that your mom is still buying you your clothes. Neither of these is an attractive impression to make and should motivate you to either have your current shirts adjusted by a tailor or purchase some custom fitted shirts. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when fitting a shirt.


The collar should touch the skin of your neck all the way around but not press against it. At any point around your neck you should be able to slip a finger in-between the collar and your neck without any struggle. Anything tighter than this will have you feeling like you are being strangled whilst anything bigger will have you feeling – and looking – frumpy.


The shoulder seam should sit at the edge of the shoulder-blade where the plane of the shoulder meets that of the outer arm. There should be no tugging on the shoulder seam and movement should not be restricted. If the seam sits too close to the shoulder – with some of the sleeve sitting on your shoulder – there will be twisting of the seam which will cause wrinkles. If the seam is too long and hangs off the shoulder there will be billowing under the arm and the frumpy look mention above will be the result.


This is where most tend to go wrong. The buttons should close comfortably and rest lightly against your chest. When tucked in the shirt should not billow out the sides. If the shirt is too tight, the buttons will strain and wrinkles will occur around the buttonholes, which may distort the sleeves. A shirt which is too large will have excess fabric around the mid drift, causing a muffin-top appearance.


The sleeve should be slightly wider at the bicep and shoulder area than at the cuff, with an even taper. There should not be any wrinkles and some looseness should be available – and evenly distributed throughout the sleeve –  when the arm hangs straight.

The cuff should be close to the wrist but not constricting. You should just be able to put the shirt on or take off without unbuttoning the cuffs.

The sleeve should extend to the large wrist bone on the outside of your arm. When a jacket and/or blazer is worn, a half-inch of shirt cuff should show be visible beyond the blazer sleeve.


When untucked – which it should never be – the hem should cover your belt.

There you have it. Whilst this is not written in stone, these are some basic guideline you should consider when purchasing or having shirts tailored. Check out the image below for a better understanding of the words above.


You stay classy,




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