I’m tough to please when it comes to clothing so when I find a shop who brings their A-game, I make a point of revisiting. My experience is that the run-of-the-mill outlets tend to disappoint as the quality of their gear leaves a lot to be desired and I therefore only have a handful of clothing outlets I visit when looking for this quality. The Country Road and Trenery shop at the V&A Waterfront falls within this select few favourites as they offer a selection of style at an affordable wallet-burn.

What I love about Country Road and Trenery is that they offer sophisticated merchandise, designed to reflect an authentic look which is modern in approach yet classic in style. Both brands source the very finest materials which allows them to combine top design trends with their signature tailoring and attention to detail. From the workplace to the weekend, from everyday essentials to desirable aspirational items, these two brands stand for natural simplicity with a relaxed, spontaneous feel.

I’ve wanted to update a few items in my repertoire and knew that a trip to the V&A store was inevitable. As fate would have it, yesterday I found myself conducting some business at the V&A and thought I’d swing by the store to have a look-see at what was on offer.

I was pleasantly surprised, although I knew I shouldn’t have been. I should have half expected what I found. At the moment the store is running a sale on their summer and autumn collection which has a couple nice items – like hoodies, long sleeve y-necks and summer blazers – which will come in handy when the weather becomes a little fairer. Some of these items had been marked down by as much as 50% but by-and-large the discount was enough to hold my eye.

A pleasant discovery was the sale being run on current apparel for both brands: Buy any two items and get a third free. Ya, legit! The fine print read something like “the value of the third item is equal to that of the item paid for which has the lowest value” which wasn’t a problem as I was in search of some items which fell within the ‘other’ category such belts, beanies, scarves, pocket squares and ties. I ended up leaving with two ties, three pocket-squares and a sick pair of navy Chino’s.

Their current choice of winter warm-wear is superb and definitely worth a look. From wool jerseys to merino cardigans to knitted crew-necks, they have all you need to kit yourself out for what is set to be an icy winter. The cold won’t bother you with a store like this in the area.

Noblest_Rogue-CountryRoad_Trenery Noblest_Rogue-CountryRoad_Trenery Noblest_Rogue-CountryRoad_Trenery


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