My mate @Ernst_SA – who sent me the story about the guy who grew a beard and became really, really good-looking (here) – sent me a link to some beard advice from the chaps at Grooming Lounge. It’s all good and well taking the plunge and deciding to grow your beard, but what happens once the face-fuzz has sprouted? How do you stop looking like someone who a) doesn’t care; or b) is hungover to someone who takes his beard very seriously? It’s all about trimming and trimming correctly. Below are a couple of pointers for you.


This from Grooming Lounge:


Just like the hair on a man’s head, facial hair needs to be cared for to ensure it doesn’t get wiry, dry and offensive looking – unless that’s the goal. Having handsome facial hair can be accomplished by regularly washing and conditioning with targeted beard products and working out kinks and curls via regular facial exfoliation and a beard comb.


Unless going for the 100% bohemian look, setting beard boundaries on your cheeks and neck is essential from the start. Make lines too tight and you look like a tight-wad or gang member, let them sprout too long and you’re in Haight-Ashbury territory. For the neck area, we recommend an inch or so below the actual jaw line – line b. on illustration – and for the cheeks, follow “smile lines” – line d. on illustration – up toward sideburns.


Knowing where the beard ends is only half the battle. From there, one needs to effectively carve things out. Always use a mirror to ensure balance and symmetry.

– ON THE NECK: Using a professional grade hair trimmer on the “0” setting or a fresh blade and some shave oil. Start at the centre of the neck/chin and toward the ear, following the natural curve of the jaw line. Then, do the same on the flip side to maintain symmetry. If using a trimmer, apply light pressure downward or in the direction of hair growth. For a blade, gently “dig in” and create your line, then shave gently in the direction of hair growth below that point. Apply a gentle post shave solution/balm to shaved areas when complete.

– ON THE CHEEKS: Using a professional grade hair trimmer on the “0” setting or a fresh blade and some shave oil, work down or up the natural smile line – line d. on illustration. Apply a gentle post shave solution/balm to shaved areas when complete.


Regulating the density and general bushiness of a beard can be easily accomplished with a professional trimmer and guard system. Start with a larger guard (bigger #) and trim up the stragglers, moving down a size or so as you desire. Don’t push too hard and pesky or longer strands can always be terminated with a targeted facial scissor.

Thanks to @Ernst_SA and Grooming Lounge for the tips.

You stay classy,


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