I’ve appreciated Jeremy Piven since before I ever watched Entourage. It was, however, only after watching the series that I became a true Piven fan. His Ari Gold rants are things of legend whilst his style has seen him become one of Hollywood’s best dressed men with him regularly knocking it out the park at various premier’s and launch parties. His formula is simply and unique and we could all do ourselves a favour and take some inspiration from it. Piven utilises blazers and layering like no other with these pieces forming the base of his all round nonchalant yet dappered style. His style is a perfect example of how to manipulate the perceived boundaries of that which is considered smart vs casual and is best described as refined, sophisticated fashion excellence. He recently stated that he ‘feels comfortable in London because men are free to experiment’, which is spot on because style is what you make it and we should be pushing boundaries wherever possible and thus making our own style.

You stay classy,


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