The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Is there truth to the storyline or is it the ramblings of an old man remembering the horrors of a nightmare? This movie in particular has been done over and over and over by countless rookie directors looking to establish themselves as the new Wes Craven or John Carpenter that it has in fact turned into a nightmare. I stumbled upon The Texas Chainsaw 3D on DSTV recently and was completely shocked at how average it was. I suppose there’s a recipe you need to tick off when recreating this horror movie – Leatherface, hot lead actress, annoying lead male, chainsaw, screaming, running, sex scene, tits, blood, more screaming – and credit to the director for checking all of the above, but goodness gracious nothing can make up for shite acting. I’m waffling here. The point is that when I’ve felt overwhelmed or confused, I focus on the origin of that which is causing said confusion in an attempt to make sense of it all. In this case, forget all that’s been with the Chainsaw Massacre, let’s go back to the original. Which they’ve remastered by the way.

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