Face it gents, we’re only just starting to get into winter. Don’t for a second be fooled by the mild days which the weather has graciously thrown at us of late. Winter is yet to rear its icy head and you better be prepared for it. The great thing about sweaters – or jerseys – is that they keep you both warm and looking sharp at the same time and depending on the style of sweater, can be utilised in multiple environments. I’ve had a look at four essential sweaters which will keep you stylish and snug this winter.


The v-neck is the work-horse of mens sweaters. Period. You can wear it all year round, in most climates and it tends to offer up the greatest longevity of all jerseys you’ll ever own. Think of your v-neck as a layering option, rather than the only one. I keep a host of different coloured v-necks to wear under my blazers and coats to add some interesting dimensions to my look. V-necks come in a host of different materials, from cotton to wool to cashmere, however my favourite is without doubt the merino wool varieties as they tend to hold their shape better than all the other fabrics.


Alongside the v-neck, the knitted cardigan is another menswear must. The cardigan sweater is a form of knitted sweater which has an open front that can be buttoned up at the wearers discretion. In terms of style I would suggest sticking with the basics: a wool cardigan in basic navy, black or grey. Once you’re comfortable with the look, you can branch out to something more racy. If you’re looking for a smarter look and feel, try a shawl collar cardigan as its collar will instantly add a degree of sophistication to any pair of chinos or jeans.


Often referred to as the “fisherman’s sweater”, the cable knit crew is a heavy wool sweater distinguished by its prominent cable patterns on the chest and very distinct ‘blue collar’ look. Perfect for the rugged, masculine look, if you ask me! Wear the cable knit under a pea coat with some dark denim and a pair of boots. And done!


The Fair Isle sweater is not for the faint hearted. It’s loud and you need to be able to rock it as the sweater makes use of a lot of colours to create multiple patterns. For many, the patterns may be too loud but some may find that it is exactly what they are looking for. The Fair Isle is available in all three of the styles mentioned above. If you do give it a go, keep all other garments muted in both pattern and colour. HashtagJustSaying

Whilst the Fair Isle is something of a wildcard, the other three styles of sweaters are a must in any man’s wardrobe. This is by no means the only styles of sweaters out there, just simply my favourites. It’s a start at the very least.

You stay classy,




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