These days, it is very easy to get swept up in various fashion fads. I understand the concept behind fads and concede that they have their place in the fashion world, however, I tend towards something of a more classic sense of style. Something timeless which doesn’t have time for fads and the likes. Whilst it is important that we develop and nurture our own individual style, it is also key to remember that despite what we think, there are certain unwritten rules of style which we must all abide by. Some are rules, others can be considered as advice.

1. Get to know your tailor. No matter what you wear, he will always be able to make it look better. It’s as simple as that.

2. Your tie should never – ever – be wider than the lapel of your blazer or sports jacket.

3. Suit pants should never pool at your shoes and should rather have roughly a one-inch break above said shoes.

4. Dress shoes are a staple in any closet. Invest in a quality pair. No questions.

5. Jeans should distress on their own. Never buy them that way. This is one of those ‘fads’ I was referring to.

6. A plain black or white Tee will never go out of style. Keep a few in your closet.

7. Socks are an extension of your personality. Whilst there is no need for them to match your pants, they should most certainly complement your outfit.

8. Lose the plastic watch. Invest in something refined and timeless.

You stay classy,



6 thoughts on “SIMPLE RULES OF STYLE: 1 OF 3

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