I can ramble on about style and appearance till kingdom come and most men still won’t care. In Society’s mind all that matters is how you perform and not how you look and in a perfect world that would be correct, however, we don’t live in a perfect world, do we? The old ‘first impressions count’ is as true today as it was back then and whilst us as men don’t have to stay on top of cutting-edge fashion trends, we should at the very least, consider our daily appearance.


Society is a superficial lot. That is the fact. Society will formulate their opinion of you before they have even met or spoken to you. Are you not interested in blowing them out the water without uttering a single word? This can be achieved by the clothes you wear and the way you carry yourself in public. Both of these go hand in hand and influence the other directly. The fact of the matter is that the better you dress, the more respect you will automatically be given


After Society has formulated their opinion, you will undoubtably meet them and hopefully this will change their opinion of you for the better. Even then, when Society knows you through and through, your clothing can still make an impression. Clothing and style becomes a substitute for character in the eyes of Society because Society is a visually based lot and a well-dressed man will always receive better treatment from her than a man who looks sloppy.  Superficial or not, this is true. Whilst how you look may not be as important to you, it certainly is to the people you meet every single day.


There is no better feeling than walking into a crowded room and after a quick scan, knowing that you are one of the better dressed gents in said room. All self-help books have a chapter on ‘getting your personal appearance right’ or something that affect, which is great advice. Humans tend to perform better when they know that they deserve to perform better. It’s human nature. If you know that you’re a shit hot rugby player, you’ll inevitably play like a sit hot rugby player. The same applies to life. If you believe that you deserve success and to be treated with respect, then you will find success and be treated with respect.


Giving a damn about your appearance will make you a more responsible man. Sound silly? Well consider that if you care, you will know which of your shirts need to be ironed or which shoes need to be polished, which will reinforce habits of attention to detail. Because you need to attend to these details personally, you set dates and plan ahead. Formulating this kind of discipline is a skill which translates directly into business. Still sound silly?


If you’re paying attention to your own sense of style, you will start to notice them on other men. Small things like the details of collar shape and pocket square selection, or whether he has polished his shoes will suddenly make a difference to you. Don’t for a second think that those men aren’t noticing the same of you. If you’re nailing it, watch out for some approving nods from the other well-dressed gents in the room.


Just as a military uniform makes a statement about the wearer’s status, so subtle effects in a man’s style can give detailed information on him, if he plan’s his outfit well. Clothing can proclaim everything about you, from your profession to your passions.


One of the best reason’s to dress well is it forces you take charge of your life, which is – in a deeper sense – what truly matters. Taking control of your life will change the way Society sees you, give you more respect and authority and ultimately have you calling the shots in your life.

We all want to take control of our lives and we all want to earn respect from Society. So why wouldn’t we want to have a say in what degree this is given to us? Caring for your appearance is a way of increasing how much control you have over your life and thus how the world perceives you and what it gives you.

You stay classy,


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