I’m sitting in the Domestic Departures lounge at Cape Town International waiting to board a plane which will take me to O.R Tambo. Sitting alongside me is The Otter and my old man. We’ve planned this trip for some time and as always, when I’m on the brink of an epic experience, the gravity of the situation hasn’t quite sunk in yet. It’ll hit me when we’re in the air. Or perhaps when I’m cracking my first ale around the campfire tonight listening to the lions roaring and the hyenas laughing.

Upon landing in Jozi, we’ll pick up a hired car and begin the 5 hour drive via Nelspruit to the Park. We’re going nowhere slowly and so are in no rush to make it anywhere in particular at any specific time. Those are the best kind of vacations. Naturally we’ll be stopping in Nelspruit to pick up the essentials. Meat, wors, wood, blitz, beer and possibly a sneaky bottle of Jameson’s to keep us warm at night. Otherwise we’ll have all we’ll need in our car. I’m stoked.

I’m told that connectivity isn’t great in the Kruger, but I’ll do my best to post a couple of articles here and there when I can.

Boarding call.

You stay classy,



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