The general rule of thumb when growing a beard is to give it 6 to 8 weeks before you start trimming it into some sort of style and shape. I’ve been re-growing my beard now for close to 7 weeks and it’s coming along quite nicely. Whilst I haven’t quite decided on a style just yet, my ‘burns are in need of a trim so as to not have my beard rounding out my face. I have a reasonably round face, naturally, so the last thing I want from my beard is to have it accentuating this. I need my beard to give length to my face and trimming my ‘burns will do just that.

The last thing anyone wants when trimming a beard, is to get too excited and end up chopping half of their beard off. That’s likely to have them get frustrated with themselves and inevitably shaving their entire beard off. This is not what I want happening to me and if you’re a beardman, neither do you. When in doubt, ask and/or look for advice.

Here are some tips from my man, The Beard Baron on how to safely trim your beard. Safely being the key work here.

You stay classy,


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