As mentioned in the first instalment of the ‘Simple Rules of Style – here – it’s important that whilst not forsaking your own personal style, it is important to understand a select few rules of style. Understand that at no stage are these the be all and end all of style and I would venture that bucking one or two rules may be the basis for a new look or style. That decision, however, is up to you to make. These rules apply to a classical sense of style, which is my vibe. So I follow them.

1. Your suit jacket or sports coat should fit you like a glove. Once buttoned, you should be able to slide the palm of your hand between your chest and the coat. Anything more, and the jacket is too big.

2. Pocket squares are always a great addition to any suit. It should, however, never match your tie and only complement it.

3. Only carry the necessities in your wallet: your ID, credit card and a few small bills. A bulky wallet doesn’t make you look rich.

4. Keep your shoes clean and polished. Nothing looks worse than scuffed and faded toes.

5. Never wear a belt and suspenders. Only ever one or the other.

6. Never button the bottom button of your jacket.

7. Oversized watches are not flattering on anyone. Keep the dinner plates on the table.

8. It’s always best to show up overdressed rather than underdressed.

You stay classy,


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