I was in Durban last weekend sipping on some vino at The Taste of Durban when I heard some cool melodies being issued to my ears from the stage. I weaved my way through the crowd towards the stage as I felt inclined to discover who or what was making the sweet melodies and  unexpectedly found myself discovering the Jozi-based band The Motherland. The Motherland is a folk band who create authentic, original music with a somewhat indie/folk influence to it. I listened to them jam a couple of their songs and was really impressed with their lyrics and energy, to the extent that I bought their EP, which dropped the following day at the Fourways Farmer’s Market in Jozi.

I’ve always been of the opinion that any band who can rock a live show, is a band worth listening to and following. The Motherland is exactly that. They’re a band who enjoy performing in open spaces and even profess it on their website. They’re also good-hearted people who give back, which is worth a high-five. Below is a both a quote from their website as well as my favourite song from their EP called ‘Lies’.

“The vision of The Motherland is to change lives (one at a time) using proceeds generated from our music. We have been playing gardens, lounges, cafes, parks, farmers markets and festivals for a while now. We write great songs that tell stories about the world we live in. Join the motherland movement, change lives!”


Follow The Motherland:

Twitter: @TheMotherlandSA




You stay classy,


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