What is the point of a 30 second advert which sees a company try to throw as much information at the viewer as possible in as short a time as possible? Why not flesh it out? That’s why I love this type of advertising. If you have a premium product – which JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL is – a 30 second short won’t do your product justice. In this short film/advert, JOHNNIE WALKER have again aligned their luxury BLUE LABEL with the gentleman in all of us. They’ve created a scenario which we strive to achieve and yet kept the honour of it. The short film stars Jude Law and that Italian guy who acted in ‘Casino Royal’ that one time.

The short tells the story of a man on a quest for a rare experience. This man makes a wager with another which results in a truly rare experience for both as they search for personal progress. Filmed in the British Virgin Islands and London, the beautifully shot film sees Hey Jude in the role of a man who, despite having it all, proposes a wager as an opportunity to challenge himself to create an original performance in order to win a money-can’t-buy experience.

You stay classy,


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