This is the third post on The Noblest Rogue which follows a ‘rules of style’ vein and if you haven’t figured it yet, there are certain yay’s and nay’s when it comes to men’s style and fashion. The amount of gentlemen I see walking the streets of Cape Town committing serious fashion no-no’s is incredible and only drives me to continue on my quest here at The Noblest Rogue. Whilst said rules are reasonably pliable and can often be moulded to suit your personal sense of style, they should in general, be understood and adhered to. Within reason, of course

1. A tie should always hit you on the belt buckle. Not above. Not below. This is an unwavering rule which you must stick to. You will be ridiculed behind your back if you don’t.

2. When wearing a blazer, you should always be able to see at least a centimetre of your shirt cuff sticking out. This is not set in stone and is purely there to finish off your look. It looks polished.

3. When wearing leather shoes, your belt should always match the colour of your shoes. Brown with brown and black with black. Please don’t ever go brown with black. Seriously!

4. It is not the millennium and we don’t have highlighted tips in our hair, so there is no need for you to ever be wearing square-toed shoes. Ever!

5. Flip flops/slops are for students and beaches. Not jeans.

6. Pleats are not flattering and reserved for old men who frequent their local every night. Stick to flat-front pants.

7. White socks are for the gym, not with a suit. This is another of those rules which you simply cannot break. Unless you’re attending a dress up party, dressed as Michael Jackson.

9. And finally, follow your instincts, not the trends. Trends come and go, class is forever.

Above all, give it some thought and keep it tidy.

You stay classy,



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