I’m an Apple user and there for concern myself with all things Apple related. If you haven’t joined the revolution as yet, I only have one question for you: Why not? Anyway. Rumours of what the new iPhone 6 will look like have been doing the rounds and the latest ‘leaked’ pics seem to be the most believable to date. Initially there don’t seem to be any major differences from the iPhone 5S, however there are some varying details which are of interest.

Note the small small hole at the top of the phone next to the camera and how the side buttons appear flatter and more elongated compared to the rounded side buttons on the iPhone 5. What do you reckon? Are these ‘leaked’ photos real or fake?

iphone6-3-580-90 iphone6-2-580-90 iphone6-1-580-90

You stay classy,



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