The fourth – and final – artist which Absolut Vodka have decided to collaborate with in their Transform Today Campaign is Brazilian graphic novel artist Rafael Grampá. Rafael worked as a director of animation in an animation studio before becoming a graphic novel artist and it was the realisation that although his position at the time was a great opportunity, at the end of the day, he was making another man’s dreams a reality and not his own. Grampá infuses his work with amazing linework, stunning colours and fantastic details and puts his own unique style stamp onto everything he creates. He sees each page he creates as choreography, not just simple storytelling. With influences like Tarantino and Peckinpah, Grampá is bringing a sense of rock and roll into his designs as he transforms each page of his graphic novels into a work of art.

Grampá won an Eisner Award in 2008 for his collaboration in the independent anthology “5”, same year that he released his first solo work, an independent graphic masterpiece called Mesmo Delivery and he won two HQ MIX AWARDS, the “Brazilian Eisner Awards” for “Best Artist” and “Best Especial Graphic Novel”.

Rafael says:

”I often question what beauty is and what is considered to be ugly. That’s why I am an artist. To make people question established truths and ultimately themselves, and the way they look at the world.”

Whilst Jonas Tåhlin – VP Global Marketing at Absolut – admits:

“We have been following Rafael Grampá for some time, and are very happy to collaborate with such a progressive artist. He transforms graphic design by looking at each page he created as choreography, not just simple storytelling,”

Check out Rafael’s story below:


Follow Rafael:

Twitter: @Rafael_Grampa

Instagram: @rafael_grampa


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