There’s no point denying it, James Dean was a handsome man and an icon in his own time. He  achieving a huge amount in the time he was given, before his tragic demise in 1955 at the age of 24. Dean was the quintessential rebel of the 50’s who seemed to single-handedly dress Hollywood down which lead some, at the time, to believe that he was not as iconic as his reputation suggested. The beauty is that James Dean didn’t necessarily aim to be iconic as his style was less considered, and perhaps more confident than that. Dean dressed like somebody who was extremely good-looking. Go figure.

Even to this day, James Dean remains the essence of casual cool. Never overdressed, Dean nailed every outfit he wore in such a way that the man would be noticed before the clothes. That’s not to say that he didn’t dress with flair or originality. It simply means that he was confident enough in himself not to have to wear anything distracting or ostentatious.

A key part of Dean’s effortless style is just that – effortlessness. His outfits were very often minimalistic and was rarely seen accessorizing with scarves or a hats. Of interest is despite the era, Dean didn’t have time for the trendy turned up jeans or rolled up sleeves. Maybe it was too much of an effort?

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3 thoughts on “STYLE ICON: JAMES DEAN

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  2. benjaminsaccaggi

    Coincidentally the guy at my favorite fabric shop just showed me a new role of James Dean collage fabric just arrived. HAVE to make a jacked out of it!!!


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