Not only was it Cary Grant’s sporty-yet-elegant style which gave him an edge over the other leading men of his day but it was his faultless attention to detail which gave him the edge. A classic Grant ensemble would include either a blue or grey double-breasted suit, a pocket square, a sober tie and a buttonhole and for it’s day this was considered to be ‘understated’. What’s interesting to note about Grant’s style is that it was so revered that one Richard Torregrossa compiled an entire book devoted to it. Incredible! Why wouldn’t you devote an entire book to a man who looked like he belonged in stylish clothes?

Try find a picture of Cary Grant in anything other than an impeccably tailored suit. Let me save you the trouble and tell you that they simply don’t exist. This guy just oozed class. As mentioned above, Grant had a keen interest in details, which in suit terms refers to accessories. He would spend time selecting the perfect neckerchief and pocket square to finish his look or choose the perfect set of cufflinks to offset the ever-so-slightly boxy finish of his jacket. It’s commendable to care this much about your look and his status as a Style Icon is well deserved because of this.

You stay classy,


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