If you’re not trying to become a better man each and every day, then I’m not sure what you’re doing at The Noblest Rogue. I am a big believer of constantly looking for personal improvement and growth and am always willing to pass on some advice to you, dear reader. It’s why I’m here. Why I’m doing this. The concept of a gentleman has been lost in recent times and I it distresses me that we have let it slip from our grasp. Chivalry is of the utmost importance to a man and has the ability to define who he is. If it holds this much importance, why then would we not be interested in it? Here are a list of rules which we can abide, which will see us begin the process of rejuvenating chivalry. Are you keen?

  1. Say please and thank you
  2. Work hard
  3. Mind your manners
  4. Offer a lady your seat
  5. Don’t curse
  6. Extend a firm handshake
  7. Keep your word
  8. Respect your elders
  9. Always make eye contact
  10. Open doors for others
  11. Stand up straight
  12. Stay well-groomed
  13. Act chivalrous
  14. Read books often
  15. Have a romantic sensibility
  16. Shy away from gossip
  17. Be punctual
  18. Love well
  19. Stay humble

There you have 19 pieces of advise which make sense. The beauty of them is found in their simplicity. In fact, most of these are the definition of a good human. Period. I’m keen to be a good human. What about you?

You stay classy,


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