I’ve aired my grievances when it comes to Hollywood remakes so I won’t rehash the same complaint again, however, I must stress that this grievance weighs heaviest on my shoulders when dealing with classic horror remakes. Nothing can compare to the horror films that came out of the 1970’s. The blood, guts and ‘special effects’ were so bad and the frights so predictable, that they took on a cult status with 1970’s horror fans and modern-day horror fans alike. Yet, despite their obvious pitfalls, these movies honestly scared the living shit out of people when they were released. What hope do filmmakers have of recreating the same fear amongst modern-day viewers? ‘The Town That Dreaded Sundown’ was a classic in 1976, will this modern-day remake live up to its predecessor?

What do you reckon? Goodie?

You stay classy,


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