The Taste of Joburg is without doubt the top Foodie and Wino festival to attend in South Africa. Take my word for it. I’ve been to mostly all the shows which fall within the ‘food and wine’ category and none of them come anywhere close to The Taste of Joburg! In terms of vibe, food, wine, people, hotties and weather, this is where you want to be this weekend! It’s where I’m heading this weekend and I am stoked to get there.

As I write this, I’ve just ordered my second cup of black coffee at the Mugg & Bean at Cape Town International as I wait for my flight to board. It’s going to be a stiff-cuppa-coffee kind of day. Cape Town International is an interesting place if you take the time to sit back and watch the world pass by. I love airports. The fact that everyone is going somewhere. I like to think that they’re on a journey to somewhere cool. Which I am. Taste of Joburg cool!

In keeping with previous years, this year’s festival is being hosted at Montecasino and runs for tonight, tomorrow and the weekend. Monte is a fantastic outdoor venue which is simply magnificent when the weather plays it’s part, which is almost a certainty during this time of year.

The one thing, besides the awesome food, wine and beer on offer, which I look forward to at The Taste of Joburg is that the city shows me her beautiful during the festival. I’ve explained my opinion regarding Joburg girls vs Cape Town girls before – read it here – and I’ve always found that the Taste of Joburg affirms this opinion. This affirmation is achieved through a combination of the change in season – which sees the short shorts and skirts make an appearance – and the rules of the society which these Gauteng ladies live in, which seems to dictate that they have to give extra attention to what they look like. And bless them for it!

Back to the festival though. You should pop in if you can. You won’t regret it. All you need to know about the festival can be found here. Do it!

Boarding call …

You stay classy,


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