Before you climb into your car and head to Rocking The Daisies to ghush your faces off this weekend, take a second to read this brilliant article by Dan Nash from Bangers & NashWith The Silly Season summer about to kick off in the Cape, we’re all fully aware of the awesome parties which will present itself along the way. From music festivals to trance parties, the chances that you get exposed to and offered drugs – in all forms – are great. What I appreciate about Dan’s article is that he stresses that we should rather accept that drugs are a part of our society rather than condemn or condone them and with this mindset offer some tips to help you “rave safe, bruh.”

“The summer festival season is here. It’s Daisies and In The City this weekend, and now that trance season has kicked off in Cape Town, you won’t be able to swing a damp head sarongue without hitting a grinding jaw until at least end April. It’s not all peace and love in Rave Land though, recently a 21-year-old girl died at Earth Dance, and overseas people are dropping dead at nearly every electronic festival. The drug culture in SA is growing rapidly, ask any one of the kids jumping around in front of Niskerone at 1am where the bar is, I bet you a dab they have no idea. The problem is, there is very little education around substances, and until our event organisers change their drug policies and provide things like drug testing facilities, kids are probably going to keep dying, because they’re certainly not going to stop taking drugs.

I know I used a lot of electronic music references up there, and I’m not saying drugs are enjoyed exclusively by laser chasers, but to deny that they are used prolifically within that group (specifically MDMA and her amphetamine cousins), or that they are not in some way linked to the rapid growth of that market segment is horribly ignorant. Overseas the festival organisers have acknowledged that a large portion of their ticket sales are thanks to the people chewing their faces off at the electro stages, and they’re trying to keep them alive by providing things like drug testing facilities – because sponsors hate dead people.”

Read the entire article at Bangers & Nash.

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