How often do you get to see a true Rock ‘n Rolla opening up about his childhood, his wild days and his drug habits? Not often, right? Most interviewers tend to stroke the star’s ego for fear of insulting and end up tiptoeing around the touchy questions we all want to hear the answers to. In so doing, we end up hearing the same bullshit answers which is about as entertaining as an Australian rugby derby. Thankfully veteran Irish presenter Gay Byrne doesn’t give a toss about insulting anyone and asks deep questions like “What’s it all about?” “Why are we here?” “Is there a God?” and “What happens when we die?” In this gem of a ‘The Meaning of Life’ episode, Gay tucks into Rock ‘n Roll legend Noel Gallagher and manages to get him to discuss some pretty personal experiences. Noel is as cool as ever. Naturally.

You stay classy,


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