We as men know all too well how tough it truly is to represent ourselves in this day and age. There are so many demands placed on us and with the dog-eat-dog nature of our ever changing worlds sees us as men constantly being subjected to various assumptions and expectations. The truth is that at times it can be tough to stay true to oneself. The key is to hold onto what you believe in and to never falter from those beliefs, lest you be called a hypocrite. Below I follow on from a previous post which dealt with traits and values that every man should strive to embody. Check out the first post – here – and then read the below.


Respect is one of the highly regarded signs of a man who is comfortable with himself and the world around him. It’s easy to be lazy and underestimate your adversaries, work colleagues and competitors. It’s easy to think that you are better than everyone else. What does this say about you though? That you are self-centred? That no one but you deserve respect?

Unfortunately this is not how the world works.

Showing respect reflects far greater on you than belittling those around you. It shows that you have experience and that you’ve done your homework. Never, however, stop aspiring to be the best but remember that one of the highest demonstrations of our worth – not only as men, but as humans – is giving people the respect they deserve.


This is the opposite of being lazy and is an indication that when having to make a choice between comfort and risk, the immediate choice is the latter. Ambition is knowing what you want and not stopping until you have it. It is about prioritising opportunity before comfort, regardless of the consequences.

The problem with this world is that we have come to expect instant gratification. We want it now and if it doesn’t happen now, we lose interest. This is one of the greatest shortfalls of our generation.

Are you willing to fight for a better future and continuously refine your craft?


As mentioned above, we live in a world which prioritises instant gratification and if – and possibly when – this gratification is not found, we lose interest. This is where resilience will stand you in good stead.

It is a sign of maturity and shows that you understand that even when things don’t go your way, you are willing to stick it out and find another way to have things fall in place for you.

Chances are you will fail. And failure is good because of the lessons you learn along the way. Opportunities will come and go and if you keep fighting, the theory of pure numbers suggest that things will fall into place for you. You need the resilience to not give up and keep your head down.


As a man it is important that we be the source of centredness for those around us. Our family, our wives, children and even other men.

Granted, this can seem tough at the best of times due to the constriction society places upon us but at the heart of it all, we need to remain true to ourselves. If anything I write in this post sinks in, let it be this: stay centred and do not react to any given environment.

Be the source of centeredness for the people around you and provide them with the security they need.


Wisdom is experience. Experience means understanding how to dodge the pitfalls.

Wisdom is about having tried and failed. It’s about having taken risks in the past and being willing to take more risks in the future. It’s about having taken action in the past and being willing to take action in the future.

Wisdom is certainly not something you can buy. As a friend of mine once told me whilst we were talking smut in the slips on a cricket oval one Saturday afternoon in the leafy suburb of Newlands:

“You can buy chips and coke, but you can’t buy experience.”

You only get wisdom after you gain life experience and is a sign of how much you know about the world, life and all of the specific details which come with these two. We all have opportunities to become wiser. Seize them.

Don’t let the world push you down. Stare it in the face, push your shoulders back and keep on walking with your head held high. You’re a champion. You know it and so do I.

You stay classy,


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