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Even The Noblest Rogue needs to get a few things off his chest once in awhile.


You’ll forgive me for this post. The humour in it is well worth the multiple – somewhat unforgivable – uses of the word ‘cunt’. This vulgar word is possibly the most vicious insult you could throw at someone and is an absolute argument stopper. There are no amounts of ‘arsehole’, ‘dickhead’ or ‘pieces-of-shit’ in an argument that can rebut a well-timed ‘you’re a cunt!’ Whilst I don’t often use the word and certainly don’t condone it being added to your list of everyday expletives, the word does hold the power to emphatically get your point across. I received an email recently in which the unknown author – quite clearly from the UK – had delved into the history of the English language and made some interesting discoveries regarding this word. These discoveries are hilarious.

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I have mixed feelings about Tinder. Whilst the concept is reasonably simple I have my doubts as to whether us South Africans have the guts to use the app to its full potential. Granted, the whole Tinder vibe is only just starting to take off here in SA so perhaps these feelings are slightly premature but I can’t help but feel that when push-comes-to-shove, most lack the conviction to pursue anything. Although I had my doubts initially with regards to joining the Tindershere, I did in early January and have had some interesting experiences since. These experiences have justified my feeling, somewhat.

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