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The Noblest Rogue recognises that drinking truly exceptional alcoholic beverages is a must at all times.


Despite costing a fortune, the rise in craft – or micro – breweries has seen the selection of different styled beers available to the beer-drinker increase substantially. The production of beer is a reasonably standardised process across the board with each style of beer, traditionally having been a direct reflection of the geographical location of the brewery due to the ingredients used. Sure the various home-brew kits available today, nullify this statement but the fact remains that we are no longer bound to the mundane run-of-the-mill lager’s we were a few years ago. If you enjoy your beer, you should have an idea of the various styles available to you.

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The second artist which Absolut Vodka are working with through their Transform Today Campaign is the digital media artist, Aaron Koblin. Aaron’s an innovator and a rule-breaker with one foot in art, and the other in technology, taking vast amounts of data plus vast amounts of people and weaving them into stunning visualizations. His work takes real world and community-generated data and uses it to reflect on cultural trends and the changing relationship between humans and technology. Some of his projects include elegant lines tracing airline flights, a Johnny Cash music video assembled from crowdsourced drawings and “The “Wilderness Downtown” which allows viewers to incorporate images of their childhood neighbourhood into an interactive experience using their web browser and Google Street View. On top of all this, Koblin finds the time to push boundaries as the creative director of Google’s Data Arts Team.

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There’s nothing worse than seeing some inebriated Neanderthal standing at the bar, throwing his name. It’s messy and unattractive. I can promise you that said Neanderthal is making no friends – on either side of the bar – as he hurls a tirade of shlurred expletives at his mates as he tries to explain why the group of ladies sitting next to them don’t want anything to do with him. In Vol. I, I threw out some tips on how to approach the barman to make sure that you receive your drink in a hassle free and swift manner. Here I’ll offer up a few to ensure that you a) don’t become that Neanderthal and b) conduct yourself in a smooth yet chivalrous manner at all times.

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I headed up to the Robertson Valley a few weekends ago to take part in the wine fuelled revelry that is The Wacky Wine Weekend. For those of you who haven’t experienced the occasion, it’s Robertson’s version of the Stellenbosch Wine Fest or Elegantly Elgin Wine Weekend and sees the various farms open up their facilities to the public for one day of drinking and merriment. At each venue there is generally – along with lots and lots of wine – live entertainment, food stalls and activities to keep the kids occupied whilst mom and dad get tipsy relax. You’re lucky if you can make it past your third farm on the day, as the occasion can tend to get ahead of you.

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I recently posted about Absolut Vodka’s Transform Today Campaign which would see them collaborate with four artists who ignore fate, break boundaries and transform themselves and their disciplines. The first of these artist’s is French musician, illustrator, director and artist Yoann Lemoine, also known as Woodkid. In 2012, Yoann was awarded Best Director of the year at the MVPA Awards in LA and was nominated for 6 MTV Video Music Awards for his videos for Lana Del Rey, Drake and Rihanna. The music video, which he directed for his own track, “Run Boy Run” was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2013 Grammy Awards. His new album ‘The Golden Age’ was released March 2013. He is constantly transforming and pushing the boundaries of creativity across a diverse range of medium. His daring spirit and unique vision is shaping and influencing today’s popular culture.

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The days of acting like a hooligan at a bar are behind us. That sort of behaviour should have died when you left varsity. If you, however, are still at varsity, then by all means misbehave but heed these words once you’ve left. You will at some stage leave behind the Terrace’s, Tiger Tiger’s and Shack’s of this world for something with a level of class which will require you to portray a level of civility. Such is life. Whilst making friends with your local barman may help you get snappy service, here are a few bar etiquette tips to digest which may get you your whiskey sooner.

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It takes a while for cool shit to hit our shores. Recently I stumbled upon some cool shit. Cool shit from Absolut Vodka. Cool shit which inspires you to air the creativity within. Absolut has always pushed the boundaries of contemporary culture through creative collaborations – historically with artists such as Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois and Damien Hirst, and more recently with Spike Jonze and Swedish House Mafia. Their latest campaign – Transform Today – sees them collaborate with four transformative artists to inspire a new generation of creative expression.

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