• This is a fun blog and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
  • The Noblest Rogue speaks his mind.
  • The Noblest Rogue attempts not to cuss however sometimes he finds that the best impact is achieved when an ‘f-bomb’ or two is dropped. If you can’t handle that then fuck off (See what I did there).
  • The Noblest Rogue appreciates beautiful women for the stunning people they are and in no way is it his intention to objectify them.
  • The Noblest Rogue will graciously give you his opinions, which are his own. Deal with it.
  • The Noblest Rogue is not a moral compass.
  • The Noblest Rogue is a nice guy and any info you enter into this blog will NOT be used for any spam related purposes.
  • The Noblest Rogue will punt who and what he likes.
  • If you don’t appreciate tone or content of The Noblest Rogue’s posts you have two options: 1) Don’t come back or 2) go here

It’s simple. Can you dig it?