How often do you get to see a true Rock ‘n Rolla opening up about his childhood, his wild days and his drug habits? Not often, right? Most interviewers tend to stroke the star’s ego for fear of insulting and end up tiptoeing around the touchy questions we all want to hear the answers to. In so doing, we end up hearing the same bullshit answers which is about as entertaining as an Australian rugby derby. Thankfully veteran Irish presenter Gay Byrne doesn’t give a toss about insulting anyone and asks deep questions like “What’s it all about?” “Why are we here?” “Is there a God?” and “What happens when we die?” In this gem of a ‘The Meaning of Life’ episode, Gay tucks into Rock ‘n Roll legend Noel Gallagher and manages to get him to discuss some pretty personal experiences. Noel is as cool as ever. Naturally.

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For the most of us, the standard office attire consists of 1x chino, 1x shirt and 1x pair of leather shoe and 1x leather belt and for the most part, this setup is accepted as ok. My question at this early juncture is are you content with simply being ok? Fuck no? You might not think it, but what you wear to the office makes an impression and tells a tale of how you carry yourself. Smartening up your office attire may well see you receive more responsibility and garner greater levels of respect from your colleague which will see that promotion get offered to you rather than Steve. Here are a few tips. Continue reading


Move aside Kate Upton, Hannah Ferguson is in the building. Considered to be the next best thing in the world of lingerie, Hannah hails from Texas and is a thorough-bred ‘Murican beauty who ticks every box of a super-duper babe in the making. She’s starred in Carl’s Jr. adverts in the States – past alums include Upton, Kardashian and Ratajkowski – and is a rookie in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine. Here she is for GQ mag.

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It may have taken its time to arrive but now that summer is here, I’m keen to make use of it. There’s no doubt that Cape Town has a plethora of things to do during silly season and if you don’t get out and about, you might miss out on some serious fun. In all honesty, you don’t really have any excuses not to get out because of the amount of daylight we get during the summer. During the winter we look at pure darkness after 18h30 whilst in summer we’re blessed with sunsets closer to 20h30. Hell, you can still catch a tan on Clifton at 20h00 during the summer. What a pleasure! Another blessing in the Fairest Cape are our beaches. Blistering white sand, fresh blue ocean and sun-kissed bodies are how I’ve remembered my summers in the Cape and I’m planning on making more of these memories this summer. On Blue Flag Beaches nonetheless and it’s a privilege to say that the Western Cape holds 27 of these Blue Flag beaches.

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Take 05:29 out of your Monday morning and watch these Ultimate Fails of October from the chaps at Fail Army. There is honestly no better way to kick off your Monday! Oh greatness, the groom at 01:04 and the chick who’s trying to sell her cat throughout cracked me up. Oh and the roller coaster chap at 04:43! Expect your fair share of nut-shots, scorpions, face-plants and parkour-style bails.

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