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The general rule of thumb when growing a beard is to give it 6 to 8 weeks before you start trimming it into some sort of style and shape. I’ve been re-growing my beard now for close to 7 weeks and it’s coming along quite nicely. Whilst I haven’t quite decided on a style just yet, my ‘burns are in need of a trim so as to not have my beard rounding out my face. I have a reasonably round face, naturally, so the last thing I want from my beard is to have it accentuating this. I need my beard to give length to my face and trimming my ‘burns will do just that.

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My mate @Ernst_SA – who sent me the story about the guy who grew a beard and became really, really good-looking (here) – sent me a link to some beard advice from the chaps at Grooming Lounge. It’s all good and well taking the plunge and deciding to grow your beard, but what happens once the face-fuzz has sprouted? How do you stop looking like someone who a) doesn’t care; or b) is hungover to someone who takes his beard very seriously? It’s all about trimming and trimming correctly. Below are a couple of pointers for you.

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