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I’ve been quiet, I know. I’ll offer no apology worth your time so I won’t even try. Those of you who’ve been following The Noblest Rogue for some time will understand and know that the last two months of every year are very hectic for me business-wise and due to me only wanting to offer you quality content on this platform, I tend to rather go silent during this time frame than offer up half-arsed pieces about bullshit blah blah blah. And the silence is set to continue for the next few weeks as I take a much needed break away from all things which require a plug and charger. It’s that special time of year in Cape Town when the beach beckons and the soul responds and I dare not suppress the need to have the sand between my toes and the sun on my back.

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It may have taken its time to arrive but now that summer is here, I’m keen to make use of it. There’s no doubt that Cape Town has a plethora of things to do during silly season and if you don’t get out and about, you might miss out on some serious fun. In all honesty, you don’t really have any excuses not to get out because of the amount of daylight we get during the summer. During the winter we look at pure darkness after 18h30 whilst in summer we’re blessed with sunsets closer to 20h30. Hell, you can still catch a tan on Clifton at 20h00 during the summer. What a pleasure! Another blessing in the Fairest Cape are our beaches. Blistering white sand, fresh blue ocean and sun-kissed bodies are how I’ve remembered my summers in the Cape and I’m planning on making more of these memories this summer. On Blue Flag Beaches nonetheless and it’s a privilege to say that the Western Cape holds 27 of these Blue Flag beaches.

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Before you climb into your car and head to Rocking The Daisies to ghush your faces off this weekend, take a second to read this brilliant article by Dan Nash from Bangers & NashWith The Silly Season summer about to kick off in the Cape, we’re all fully aware of the awesome parties which will present itself along the way. From music festivals to trance parties, the chances that you get exposed to and offered drugs – in all forms – are great. What I appreciate about Dan’s article is that he stresses that we should rather accept that drugs are a part of our society rather than condemn or condone them and with this mindset offer some tips to help you “rave safe, bruh.”

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Dungeons is an extremely difficult and challenging big wave surf spot just east of Sentinel peak in Hout Bay, Cape Town which recently got added to the Big Wave World Tour. The watch period – which runs between April 15th and August 31st – for the three Southern Hemisphere spots (Pico Alte in Peru, Punta de Lobos in Chile and Dungeons in South Africa) is quickly coming to an end and everyone involved in big wave surfing – or surfing in general – is holding thumbs that a storm will hit the southern tip of Africa in the next two weeks and bring with it swell and waves of epic proportion. If this happens, big wave riders across the globe including legends such as Marcus Monteiro, Makua Rothman, Mark Healey and local dude Twiggy Baker, will descend upon The Mother City for a stoke-fuelled event.

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