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Take 05:29 out of your Monday morning and watch these Ultimate Fails of October from the chaps at Fail Army. There is honestly no better way to kick off your Monday! Oh greatness, the groom at 01:04 and the chick who’s trying to sell her cat throughout cracked me up. Oh and the roller coaster chap at 04:43! Expect your fair share of nut-shots, scorpions, face-plants and parkour-style bails.

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For no other reason than it’s a Thursday, here is a compilation of humans plough their heads and/or faces into mother earth. Some are at pace, others are not. Either way, this shit is funny.

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The one moment in any wipe out which I derive the greatest amount of satisfaction from is most certainly the one after the fact. The person’s reaction is priceless and their attempt to deal with the fast approaching pain is pure entertainment to me. Some lie in their heap of misery and wail to themselves whilst others prefer to hide their face in shame as they cuss at the group of friends who are laughing at them. My favourites are those who spring to their feet immediately and run around as if nothing has happened. Jeez it fills me with glee! There are a couple of those guys in this compilation.

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Oh my gosh! I am literally drizzing at my desk at the moment. I cannot begin to explain how much satisfaction I have just derived from this compilation. It is just too funny. You’ve all heard about this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which has done the rounds recently much like the Neknomination vibe we experienced earlier in the year. Whilst downing a few beers was fun, this challenge is just fucking stupid in my opinion. Sure it’s for a worthy cause and yes said cause has been highlighted in the process and received a boost in funds because of the challenge, but fuck-me it’s as hypocritical as it comes. The okes who punt the wholes ‘save water’ vibe must be wondering what they’ve done wrong to deserve this. Moving along, being humans we naturally have a tendency to go big or go home. Sometimes this idea gets pulled off, other times not. This is a compilation of the nots. I almost wet my pants at 1:38 because I was laughing so hard! Ah fuck it’s a beautiful thing!

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We all have to start somewhere in our careers. For some of us it’s answering a phone, scrubbing down a bar or pumping over some fermenting wine. It’s a part of life which, unless you strike it lucky, we all have to deal with. Often times it means sucking up a bit of pride and do something which is piss-boring and a waste of our time in our opinion. But that’s how it goes. Even big shot celebrities like Brad Pitt, Matt LeBlanc, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Affleck, Tina Fey and Meg Ryan had to slog it when they were no bodies. The problem with their slogging was that it involved them acting in shitty commercials, punting brands like McDonalds, Burger King, Pringles and some sort of haemorrhoid cream. Shame. But look where they’ve ended up.

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How was your weekend gentlemen? Good? Mine certainly was and I’m looking forward to another cracking week. I’ve got lots to keep me busy. You know, places to be, people to see blah blah blah. Miranda has helped us to get this Monday off to something of a decent start but after a killer weekend, I feel like Monday is in need of that extra kick to get her moving! Bearing that in mind, here’s an awesome little water sport fail compilation. The beauty about this compilation is that I don’t feel as bad laughing at these fools as I do others. It’s because I know that they’re falling into aqua which is not as painful as say falling onto terra firma. Either way, both scenarios are hilarious. Continue reading


I did not expect this compilation to be this funny. In fact, I wasn’t sure what to expect? Groomsman feinting, overly excited couples wiping out on the d-floor, bouquet catching wipeouts and whatnot? I suppose that these are all a given when talking wedding fails and this compilation doesn’t disappoint in that department. What convinced me, however, that this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill wedding fails compilation was the second fail of the entire video at 00:14 which sees a man – who I presume is the groom – pick up his new wife, place her on his shoulder like a tackling-bag, and run with her straight into a door. Priceless!

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