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Another month, another compilation from Fail Army. I love it and I know that you do too. Ah the twister pleasure we all derive from other people’s misfortunes! It get’s me warm inside and brings a smile to my face. Personal highlights from this compilation is the dude who manages to scorpion on his neck at 03:41 and the big guy at 05:45 who is clearly rushing on something illegal. The sound effects at 09:00 are worth mentioning too.

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The only thing that would make this compilation better than it already is, would be if every time someone catches one to the face, a deep voice would say “head-shot!” like in a first person shooter game. I’ve attached a clip from Unreal Tournament which should give you an idea of the effect I am looking for. Other than that, this compilation is spot on the money!

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Without fail, this is my favourite time of every month. Not only am I feeling flush but my YouTube feed becomes flooded with a host of fail compilations. It’s not secret that I derive a huge amount of pleasure out of seeing other humans wipeout. It might sound mean, but fuckkit, that shit’s funny. Like the girl at 3:28 who ploughs head first – at full speed – into a sand dune whilst cruising down it on a sand board. In fact everyone who eats it in this compilation is worth every second. It’s all priceless.

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