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This is the final instalment of a 6-volume series which involved a few tips from the guys at Goldman Sachs on being a man. When it boils down to it, you are who you are and as you journey through your life, you will be presented with gems of advice which you can choose to either discard or make use of. The choice is yours and if you feel something will nourish you and help you grow, then use it. If it won’t, don’t. I have found that most of their tips have made sense. Like the “ignore the boos. They usually come from the cheap seats” advice below. Or the “never take an ex back.” That last one I’m wrestling with at the moment. Perhaps thats a story for another day.

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The tips I’ve picked up from the chaps at Goldman Sachs have been priceless. Most of them are common knowledge and adding them to the various volumes of A Guide To Being A Man, simply affirms their truth. At the end of the day, we as men want to walk this world with our heads held high comfortable in the knowledge that we are true to ourselves and that which we believe in. This confidence is found through a deep belief in our actions. An understanding that what we do – when broken down – is true to ourselves. Should this belief waver, we would find ourselves questioning our actions which would result in doubt creeping into our psyche which would compound and lead to a lack of confidence. This is a dark place to be for any man and we should strive to never scoop to those depths. Strive to be more like the man you were made to be. Everyday. Strive!

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I’ve had a weekend of introspection. For the month of August, I’ve decided to lay off the booze.  A dry month is something which I’ve done on an annual basis for the past couple of years and I generally use the time to clear my thoughts. In general my weeks are spent focusing on work related issues whilst my weekends have consisted of me dealing with some sort of hangover, which really leaves me no time to meditate on bettering myself. It’s all good and well reading self-help books and what not,  but to see any true form of improvement, I need to digest the info, understand it and then project it. Here are some more tips for you from Goldman Sachs. Digest and project if you feel the need.

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Consider for a moment that we are not perfect or complete as men. We make mistakes which can often have us feeling like we’re taking one step forward and two steps back. This can often lead to feelings of doubt and hopelessness whilst questions such as ‘why?’ and ‘what’s the point?’ make their way into our head. At this juncture it is important to pick ourselves up and focus on who and what we are, rather than the negatives. Of the greatest importance is to never give up the fight and to continue on the road to becoming a better man. The type of man your grandfather was and father is. At times when I am working through some tough issues, I remind myself of a few things my father told me: Head up. Shoulders back. Chest out. Look the world in her eyes. Whilst these tips from Goldman Sachs may not directly help you to deal with the trials and tribulations which life throws at you, they’ll certainly help you to become a more rounded man.

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It’s not easy being the best man you can in this day and age. There are so many people claiming to be experts, weighing in with their useless pieces of advice. From those telling you how to be more sensitive towards your – and her – feelings to those telling you to forget the bullshit and act out on the caveman instincts within, regardless of those around you. Whilst both hold weight in developing as an all-round man and gentleman, you’d be forgiven for wondering where the middle ground is and who is right? I find it best to take everything on board, digest it and then decide which pieces of info to make use of. You know yourself best and only you have an intricate understanding of what it is you want to become. Below is vol. II of a gem I stumbled upon from Goldman Sachs.

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A Guide To Being A Man Vol. I

I’ve gone through this introspective vibe for the past two years as I search for the answer to one question: What is a man? On the face of it, it seems a simple answer, but I’m searching for more than the simple or easy. I want to understand how to be a strong man. Not in terms of how much I can bench press or squat but rather a strength portrayed through a man who carries himself with complete confidence in who and what he is. It’s a process and stumbling upon gems such as the Goldman Sachs Unofficial Guide To Being a Man helps me on my way. Hopefully – if you’re in the same place – it will help you too.

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