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The Oakley Wave of the Winter is an award given to the surfer who catches the gnarliest wave of the contest period (November – February) at Pipeline on the North Shore of Hawaii. The judging panel selects each month’s top rides who collectively make up the finalists for the grand prize which stands at $25,000. Along with The Oakley Wave of the Winter award, secondary prizes are awarded to the person who successfully films the premier GoPro video clip of the contest period (The GoPro of the Winter) and the surfer who is deemed to be the season’s consistent standout performer (Clif Bar Overall Performance). For the first time in its brief history, the Oakley Wave of the Winter and Clif Bar Overall Performance awards were won by one surfer. None other than the great Kelly Slater.

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By all accounts, this year’s Billabong Pro in Tahiti was off the hook! Dudes were getting worked left right and centre as the waves were as heavy as has been seen at Teahupo’o in some time. The Teahupo’o wave has a legendary reputation, due to its unique form. The coral reef is extremely shallow and at times sits 50 cm below the surface, whilst the lip of the wave is often as thick as it is tall which means that when someone wipes out on the wave, it’s usually pretty gnarly. That being said the wave consistently offers barrels and is considered a ‘must surf’ spot on any surfing enthusiast’s list. Gabriel Medina from Brazil ended up taking the title, beating off the likes of Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning in the process. Here are a couple must watch highlights from the comp.

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I bought a surfboard over a year ago and told myself that I would get back into the water. I consider myself a water-baby and have loved everything to do with the ocean and beach since I can remember. Summer for me is the beach. Yet for some reason I have only made use of that surfboard two times since purchasing it. I can’t seem to find the motivation to get into the water. What’s funny is that I want to surf. I want to develop another sporting pastime. It’s almost like I want to surf but haven’t committed to learning to surf yet. But we all need to start somewhere. We all need to take our baby steps. Perhaps I should make a commitment to you that I will be surfing by summer? Let me dwell on that commitment before I confirm it. This Samsung advert sums up where I am and where I’d like to be.

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