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The one moment in any wipe out which I derive the greatest amount of satisfaction from is most certainly the one after the fact. The person’s reaction is priceless and their attempt to deal with the fast approaching pain is pure entertainment to me. Some lie in their heap of misery and wail to themselves whilst others prefer to hide their face in shame as they cuss at the group of friends who are laughing at them. My favourites are those who spring to their feet immediately and run around as if nothing has happened. Jeez it fills me with glee! There are a couple of those guys in this compilation.

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Without fail, this is my favourite time of every month. Not only am I feeling flush but my YouTube feed becomes flooded with a host of fail compilations. It’s not secret that I derive a huge amount of pleasure out of seeing other humans wipeout. It might sound mean, but fuckkit, that shit’s funny. Like the girl at 3:28 who ploughs head first – at full speed – into a sand dune whilst cruising down it on a sand board. In fact everyone who eats it in this compilation is worth every second. It’s all priceless.

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