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Good ol’ Roman Atwood is up to his tricks again. We’re all aware that there is one word you should never say to or in front of any Afro-American and should you happen to let it slip in their presence – whether it was aimed at them or not – you are likely to catch a beat down of gangster proportions. Of course your favourite prankster, Roman Atwood, decided to see how far he could push the Afro-American’s sense of humour on his own turf. Because he can. And because ‘neighbour’ sounds a lot like the word we shall not speak when spoken quickly.

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We’re midway through the week right now. So for the moment let’s keep it light-hearted because we can. Roman Atwood has taken Jack Vale and his Pooter to the next level. If you thought the original Farting In The Hood prank (here) was any good, give this one a look. The title has the word ‘explosive’ thrown in there so let that little mind of yours run for a second. Do it and giggle at your desk for a few minutes. No one at the office will care. It will be – and is – a B-E-A-YOU-tiful prank!

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