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This is the final instalment of a 6-volume series which involved a few tips from the guys at Goldman Sachs on being a man. When it boils down to it, you are who you are and as you journey through your life, you will be presented with gems of advice which you can choose to either discard or make use of. The choice is yours and if you feel something will nourish you and help you grow, then use it. If it won’t, don’t. I have found that most of their tips have made sense. Like the “ignore the boos. They usually come from the cheap seats” advice below. Or the “never take an ex back.” That last one I’m wrestling with at the moment. Perhaps thats a story for another day.

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There’s no point denying it, James Dean was a handsome man and an icon in his own time. He  achieving a huge amount in the time he was given, before his tragic demise in 1955 at the age of 24. Dean was the quintessential rebel of the 50’s who seemed to single-handedly dress Hollywood down which lead some, at the time, to believe that he was not as iconic as his reputation suggested. The beauty is that James Dean didn’t necessarily aim to be iconic as his style was less considered, and perhaps more confident than that. Dean dressed like somebody who was extremely good-looking. Go figure.

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I talk a lot about confidence. I believe in it and I believe that it is the backbone of any strong man. My goal at The Noblest Rogue is to help you feel better about yourself and to raise you up. This, in turn, will see you grow as a man and the better you feel about yourself, the more confident you will become. The only downside to confidence is that when you have it, other people can perceive this personal positivity as arrogance. Which is a big no-no in my books! There is nothing more sickening than an arrogant man. Confidence and arrogance are polar opposites and it is important that we men understand the difference.

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The tips I’ve picked up from the chaps at Goldman Sachs have been priceless. Most of them are common knowledge and adding them to the various volumes of A Guide To Being A Man, simply affirms their truth. At the end of the day, we as men want to walk this world with our heads held high comfortable in the knowledge that we are true to ourselves and that which we believe in. This confidence is found through a deep belief in our actions. An understanding that what we do – when broken down – is true to ourselves. Should this belief waver, we would find ourselves questioning our actions which would result in doubt creeping into our psyche which would compound and lead to a lack of confidence. This is a dark place to be for any man and we should strive to never scoop to those depths. Strive to be more like the man you were made to be. Everyday. Strive!

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Alex Turner is the lead singer for the Arctic Monkeys and has come along way since being named NME Magazine’s coolest person in the world in December 2005 as a 20-year-old. Back then Alex dated a London-based fashionista called Alexa Chung who tended to don more vintage clothing and possessed a laid back London chic which rubbed off on Alex and helped establish him as the style icon he is today. His style has evolved into a throw back to the old “Rock n Roll” era whilst incorporating a modern look and feel.

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Levi’s have launched their new campaign, ‘Live in Levi’s’. The campaign gets its inspiration from the stories their consumers tell about the things they do in their pair of Levi’s. Give it some thought for a second … all the things you have done in your pair of jeans. I’m sure your jeans could tell some pretty cool tales. From the everyday stuff to the pretty awesome stuff. From first dates to drunken nights to memorable road trips. It’s a pretty cool idea, if you ask me. Here’s the campaign launch edit, which is basically about you and I.

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This is the third post on The Noblest Rogue which follows a ‘rules of style’ vein and if you haven’t figured it yet, there are certain yay’s and nay’s when it comes to men’s style and fashion. The amount of gentlemen I see walking the streets of Cape Town committing serious fashion no-no’s is incredible and only drives me to continue on my quest here at The Noblest Rogue. Whilst said rules are reasonably pliable and can often be moulded to suit your personal sense of style, they should in general, be understood and adhered to. Within reason, of course Continue reading