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I’ve been quiet, I know. I’ll offer no apology worth your time so I won’t even try. Those of you who’ve been following The Noblest Rogue for some time will understand and know that the last two months of every year are very hectic for me business-wise and due to me only wanting to offer you quality content on this platform, I tend to rather go silent during this time frame than offer up half-arsed pieces about bullshit blah blah blah. And the silence is set to continue for the next few weeks as I take a much needed break away from all things which require a plug and charger. It’s that special time of year in Cape Town when the beach beckons and the soul responds and I dare not suppress the need to have the sand between my toes and the sun on my back.

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It may have taken its time to arrive but now that summer is here, I’m keen to make use of it. There’s no doubt that Cape Town has a plethora of things to do during silly season and if you don’t get out and about, you might miss out on some serious fun. In all honesty, you don’t really have any excuses not to get out because of the amount of daylight we get during the summer. During the winter we look at pure darkness after 18h30 whilst in summer we’re blessed with sunsets closer to 20h30. Hell, you can still catch a tan on Clifton at 20h00 during the summer. What a pleasure! Another blessing in the Fairest Cape are our beaches. Blistering white sand, fresh blue ocean and sun-kissed bodies are how I’ve remembered my summers in the Cape and I’m planning on making more of these memories this summer. On Blue Flag Beaches nonetheless and it’s a privilege to say that the Western Cape holds 27 of these Blue Flag beaches.

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Summer is trying its damnedest to break through and I feel it only fair that we will it on its merry little quest. If we send summer some positive vibes, hopefully it will reciprocate and send us some warm weather. The best kind of positive vibes that I can think of are ladies in bikinis, of course. That’s summerish, isn’t it? You bet ya! Here’s Nina Agdal and her friend modelling for an Australian brand called Mambo Swimwear. Don’t worry, I don’t know who Mambo Swimwear is either. But I do know who Nina Agdal is, and that’s all that matters.

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We kicked Monday right in the teeth, didn’t we? It’s the toughest day of the week to get through and we got down on one knee and smacked it out the park. It wasn’t as tough as you thought would be, was it? I’ll bet that little Miranda Monday got the day going on the right foot for you. I’d even bet that the Ultimate Water Fail Compilation kept you going till lunch and then before you knew it, it was 15h00 and you were sliding downhill to knockoff-time. Aren’t you seeing a trend here? Let’s put the trend to the test by getting your Tuesday off on a similar note. Here is the lovely Irina Shayk posing in a bikini for the Agua Bendita Summer 2015 Collection.

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Not that I need to offer you any reasons as to why I’m posting photos of our lovely Genevieve in a bikini, but here they are anyway. Firstly, we’re talking about Genevieve Morton and secondly, she’s in a bikini which makes me think of summer.  I like winter in the Cape because it offers us men some pretty cool fashion options, but I’ve always found that the winter is long enough for me to eventually get over it and begin to long for the rise in temperature the closer we move towards summer. I’ve recently begun to get over winter and the recent spell of warm weather – besides what’s busy pulling in right now – has only strengthened my need for sun and sand. Anyway, I’m waffling. Here’s Miss Morton in a shoot by Panache for Cleo Swimsuits.

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