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If there is anything Samuel L. Jackson knows how to do, it’s how to drop a mother*cker in the middle of a sentence. Samuel L. has used this phrase so often in his career that I wouldn’t be surprised if there a clause exists within his contacts which states that he can drop it when and where he feels like it, regardless of what the script says. This edit sits at about 3 minutes 30, with a motherf*cker being dropped by Samuel L. every second. That’s roughly 210 motherf*cker’s. Incredible.

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You’ll forgive me for this post. The humour in it is well worth the multiple – somewhat unforgivable – uses of the word ‘cunt’. This vulgar word is possibly the most vicious insult you could throw at someone and is an absolute argument stopper. There are no amounts of ‘arsehole’, ‘dickhead’ or ‘pieces-of-shit’ in an argument that can rebut a well-timed ‘you’re a cunt!’ Whilst I don’t often use the word and certainly don’t condone it being added to your list of everyday expletives, the word does hold the power to emphatically get your point across. I received an email recently in which the unknown author – quite clearly from the UK – had delved into the history of the English language and made some interesting discoveries regarding this word. These discoveries are hilarious.

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