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The Noblest Rogue was recently invited to take part in the third leg of the #MissionSamsung Blogger Challenge which involves ten Lifestyle/Entertainment/Foodie bloggers making use of a provided Samsung device to complete a series of tasks. The idea is that the bloggers write about the experience they have with Samsung’s product whilst completing these tasks  – and naturally punting the brand in the process – with the ‘winning’ blogger getting to keep the product at the end of the challenge. I am not sure what constitutes a ‘winning blog’ but am sure to educate myself on the finer details in the near future. The first leg of The #MissionSamsung Blogger Challenge featured the Samsung NX300 camera and the second a Samsung LED Smart TV, whilst the third – the one I am about to take part in – features the new Samsung Smart Microwave Oven.

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GoPro’s have changed the face of video content forever. This supercut of 178 of the best GoPro clips so far this year is testament to that and gives me hope for humans. The fact that people are getting off their asses and making an effort to do the shit seen in this video is inspiring and makes me want to buy a GoPro and take up hang gliding. Well maybe not hang gliding. Maybe something a little tamer like SUPing or yo-yoing. Please forgive the awful soundtrack and appreciate the awesome footage. Continue reading


I’m an Apple user and there for concern myself with all things Apple related. If you haven’t joined the revolution as yet, I only have one question for you: Why not? Anyway. Rumours of what the new iPhone 6 will look like have been doing the rounds and the latest ‘leaked’ pics seem to be the most believable to date. Initially there don’t seem to be any major differences from the iPhone 5S, however there are some varying details which are of interest.

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