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It’s tough to put down in words how much I admire Jean de Villiers. I remember watching him jamming for Maties back in the day – which was a Wednesday by the way – and thinking to myself this chap can play rugby! It took some time before the world saw the talent he possessed, but once given the chance he soon establishing himself as one of the premium inside centres in the world. He has always had captain written all over him and it was only a matter of time before it got offered to him. He was my choice to pick up the mantle once The Race Pig retired and I was chuffed for him. I talk about JdeV as if he is one of my mates simply because that’s the impression he gives. Jean seems to be another one of the mates around the braai talking rugby. Except this mate is about to become only the fifth South African to play 100 Test matches for his country.

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I didn’t expect to feel the sorrow I did when I heard of the passing of Robin Williams but for some reason it hit home quite hard. He struck me as someone who managed to stay real despite the material world he lived in. He played some memorable characters in some of the classic films I grew up with including ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’, ‘Dead Poet’s Society’, ‘Hook’, ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Good Will Hunting’ to name but a few. The list actually goes on and on. This isn’t an obituary or anything, just a simple tribute to the genius that was Robin Williams.

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