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I wouldn’t mind being a footie player. Kick a ball around once – maybe twice – a week in front of millions of fans, get paid big bucks for it and get to date some of the finest beauties this planet has to offer. Sheez, sounds like fun. Sign me up. With the World Cup well under way and with Spain having being knocked out – insert expletive here – I’m still searching for a little gees to get me going. Having a look at the various WAGs who have made their way to Brazil to support their significant other, maybe be the gees-cocktail I’ve been looking for.

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I seem to have found and then lost the World Cup hype over the weekend. I was all stoked for it on Thursday afternoon and – barring a terrible opening ceremony – the Brazil v Croatia game brought the heat and had me in a samba mood throughout the following day. I lost that mood later that evening when I watched Spain catch a hammering at the hands of the Dutch. Whilst I’ve erased that match from my memory and refuse to entertain the thought of it, I’m sure I’ll find the samba gees soon enough. The lovely women of Brazil can certainly help me look for it. We’re all aware of the exotic beauties who roam the beaches in Brazil and those who’ve managed to roam the catwalk’s of Europe. Here are six beauties who I’d prefer to see handing out the cup than that pug, Sepp Blatter.

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