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Kicking off your Tuesday is a compilation of close-calls. I know the feeling and I’m sure you do too. When the world around you slows down and you begin to rapidly question why it is that you are doing what you are busy doing. Seconds feel like hours and you feel powerless as you see the fast approaching doom. At times you eat it hard but on the rare occasion you get out of it unscathed and thank your lucky stars. This is that kind of compilation.

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Another month, another compilation from Fail Army. I love it and I know that you do too. Ah the twister pleasure we all derive from other people’s misfortunes! It get’s me warm inside and brings a smile to my face. Personal highlights from this compilation is the dude who manages to scorpion on his neck at 03:41 and the big guy at 05:45 who is clearly rushing on something illegal. The sound effects at 09:00 are worth mentioning too.

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The icing on the top of the people wiping out cake is when they get the wind knocked out of them. It’s got something to do with an understanding of the pure fear swirling within the person. They’re in a flat panic and honestly feel like they are about to die. I know the feeling and so do you. It’s frightening and you feel like the earth is about to swallow you, yet seeing it happen to someone else and hearing them moaning as they fight for air is funny as shit! Period.

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The beautiful things about us humans is that we are egotistical creatures and this leads us to believe – with enough egging on from our mates – that we can do anything. Even if it seems like a stupid idea. Sometimes we make it but most times we don’t and with this smart phone age, our wipeouts usually gets caught on camera. You know what they say: “Another month, another clip of egotistical humans doing stupid shit.” Whilst I’m not hundreds about that quote, I am convinced that this clip will have you chuckling.

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There is something hilarious to me about someone dressed up like a squirrel or some sort of cougar-cat acting the fool and performing flick-flacks and kart-wheels. I guess it has to do with the fact that in that moment, when watching the bear mascot – for instance – doing his thing, I imagine that it actually is a real live bear. A bear who’s dressed in PT shorts, a wife beater – with the number 6 emblazoned on the front – and a sweat-band around is head preparing to ride his roller blades down the slope, across the basketball court, up the ramp and slam-dunk the ball in the hoop on the far end of the court. This is at least what he’s telling me he is planning to do. I know – and hope – that he won’t make it. Holy shit that’s a talking bear! What kills me and has been for the last five minutes is seeing said bear/cougar-cat/squirrel wiping out. Fuck I love it.

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