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I love stumbling upon little gems of acoustic pleasure such as this. Plush is one of my favourite South African bands – find out why here – and I often find myself searching for their live performances on YouTube. I’ve got all their albums and know them word for word so when I discover something like this, I’m stoked! Especially cause it’s live. I’m having a pretty chilled out week and I’m pretty keen to keep those chilled vibes going. Plug in those earphones, turn this one up and enjoy it with me.

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I have no words. This is wrong in EVERY…SINGLE…WAY and yet upon viewing it for the first time, I found myself chuckling at the brashness of it all. It must have been my twisted sense of humour which I find tends to rear its head when I’m in a fucked up mood. The question is how can I sum this video up for you? Dane Cook – the funniest comedian on Planet Earth – once said that nothing made him want to punch a baby as much as the sound of a baby crying. His words. Not mine. Perhaps true, but his words, nonetheless. So instead of punching the child, why not force a little nap-time on them?

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Without fail, this is my favourite time of every month. Not only am I feeling flush but my YouTube feed becomes flooded with a host of fail compilations. It’s not secret that I derive a huge amount of pleasure out of seeing other humans wipeout. It might sound mean, but fuckkit, that shit’s funny. Like the girl at 3:28 who ploughs head first – at full speed – into a sand dune whilst cruising down it on a sand board. In fact everyone who eats it in this compilation is worth every second. It’s all priceless.

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